A super super conference?

In a story posted Monday about the National Association of Hispanic Journalists overturning a ban on social media reporting at board meetings, I noticed an interesting nugget that ties in to the Society of Professional Journalists.

The story says NAHJ “plans to explore holding its 2013 convention in Anaheim, Calif., in conjunction with the already-scheduled joint meeting of the Radio Television Digital News Association and the Society of Professional Journalists, perhaps adding CCNMA: Latino Journalists of California.”

Excellence in Journalism 2012, scheduled for Sept. 20 to 22 in Fort Lauderdale, will mark the second straight year SPJ and the Radio Television Digital News Association have held a joint national conference. I thought last year’s conference in New Orleans was a success.

If NAHJ joins SPJ and RTDNA, are we on a path toward one giant, supreme journalism conference?

There’s probably a tipping point where too large of a gathering no longer makes sense and loses the individual flavor specialized associations want.

But conferences are expensive. If we can share the costs, perhaps we can keep registration fees down and offer more programs.


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