A student candidate’s idea

I like candidates with specifics – ideas or positions on issues.

Here’s one from Meagan McGinnes of Ithaca College, who is running to be a student representative on the SPJ board:

“The other thing I would like to do is make a new requirement for collegiate chapters: everyone must do one program a year with their local professional SPJ organization. Whether that is a Skype session or actual event, it is up to the chapter. I think it is important because it forces student and professional journalist interaction and connections.”

That’s a good idea. My chapter – Washington, D.C., Pro – has talked about working with the handful of student chapters in our area, but has only done so a few times that I can remember. We should make this a goal.


5 thoughts on “A student candidate’s idea

  1. An excellent idea. I’d value networking with student journalists. They often have access to technology and ideas I don’t. It might be a way for me to participate. Meeting with a student chapter at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo would be more possible than driving the 220 miles to Los Angeles for a professional chapter meeting.

  2. Andy…a worthy goal, not necessarily a good idea as a requirement. Too many student chapters do not have pro chapter in close proximity to meet the requirement. But, where possible, it’s a good thing to encourage.

    • True. So we could make it a requirement for student chapters within a certain range of a pro chapter – but that creates a new rule that’s tough to manage. Or, as you say, Sue, we could make it a goal or a “best practice,” like SPJ has done for chapter finances.

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